Bachelor of Science in Social Data Science at College Park (SDSC)

The Colleges of Information Science (INFO) and Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS) are pleased to offer an undergraduate major (BS) in Social Data Science (SDSC) at University of Maryland!

The major will build expertise in the complex skills needed to create and work with  information that captures aspects of human behavior. Social data science encompasses all elements of the data life cycle, including measure conceptualization, data gathering, management, manipulation, analysis, presentation, archiving, and re-use. Further, effective and appropriate construction, analysis, and use of social data requires understanding social science theory and domain expertise. This program will combine the expertise of BSOS and INFO faculty members to prepare students to effectively, ethically and efficiently create high quality information products, such as datasets, visualizations, and models, about human activity and behavior.

The University of Maryland has extraordinary faculty, research, and education expertise in Social Data Science across all of the partner colleges as well as in research centers, including SoDa and START.

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