Pamela Chamblee Duffy

Pamela Chamblee Duffy

Jr. Lecturer
Patuxent 2116

Pam Duffy joined the UMD iSchool in August 2018 as a lecturer in databases. Ms. Duffy began her career as a field support Systems Analyst for UNISYS in Baton Rouge, LA, and spent several years as a Systems Analyst supporting operating systems and programming languages on UNISYS mainframe computers in Baton Rouge, LA, and Atlanta, GA. As technology advanced, she transitioned as well, moving from mainframes to smaller systems and from operating systems to relational databases and client application development and support and worked with both private companies and federal agencies including Washington Gas, BET, the EPA, and the Executive Office of the President. Since joining UMD, she has taught iSchool undergraduates database design and modeling as well as programming. Ms. Duffy developed an introduction to relational databases for non-iSchool students. She continues teaching undergraduates and taking classes for an HCIM degree.

Professional Interests:

Relational Databases
Data Ethics