Courtney Douglass

Courtney Douglass

PhD Student

Education & Background

Courtney earned her bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, Master of Liberal Arts, and Master of Library and Information Science. She taught English Composition and Literature courses at two and four-year universities after earning her first master's degree. She said her time working with college freshmen and sophomores revealed a gross gap in information literacy skills. She will be working with Dr. Paul Jaeger, Dr. Ursula Gorham, and Dr. Renee Hill at the iSchool.

Research Focuses

I'm most interested in exploring the intersection of information and education, particularly information literacy's place in higher education. This will involve historical, epistemological, and philosophical exploration as well as deep dives into various underserved groups information and learning needs.

Research Goals

I aspire to exact change in education policy so that holistic information literacy is included in the core curriculums required by accrediting bodies. Currently, policies only require information literacy folded into other courses; however, this loose requirement only supports the research elements of information literacy.

Career Goals

I aim to continue teaching and developing courses that promote the understanding, and effective and accurate use of information across disciplines.