Digital Curation for Information Professionals (DCIP)

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The Digital Curation for Information Professionals (DCIP) Certificate Program

In this information age, the need for professionals with the knowledge and skills to curate digital resources is in high demand among corporations, government agencies, and cultural heritage institutions. The DCIP Certificate Program will train you in next-generation cloud computing technologies, tools, skills, and best practices to implement digital curation solutions in your organization. In just nine months, you will learn how to manage and curate your organization’s digital assets and records.

Program benefits include:

  • 100% online
  • Three courses
  • Designed to accommodate working professionals
  • Courses tailored to cohort's interests and skills
  • One academic year

The DCIP Certificate Program is directed and co-taught by Dr. Richard Marciano, recipient of the distinguished Emmett Leahy Award for pioneering work in the field of records and information management. Dr. Marciano's ongoing innovative work in cyberinfrastructure to support records management has resulted in new methodologies, experimental systems, and analytics that continue to shape the curation field today.

Whether you are a seasoned digital curation professional or interested in a first exploration of the field, the DCIP Certificate Program provides an opportunity for participants to learn about cutting-edge resources, best practices, and technologies. Our students range from those already in the field who want to expand their knowledge and gain practical experience to those making a career switch. Our program is tailored to each unique cohort to ensure that every student has a rewarding experience.

Here is what students are saying about the program:

"I am thrilled that I took part in this program. I was exposed to ideas and tools that help me better understand and apply concepts to my daily work life. The individuals in my cohort and the instructors made the program very worthwhile and valuable. The overall experience was great."

"This was an excellent hands-on program!"

“I enjoyed how hands-on and practical the assignments were.  Professor Marciano had a real focus on making sure we understood the tools we were using, and I feel I gained usable knowledge and experience.”


The DCIP Certificate Program consists of three non-credit online courses. Participants must complete all three courses to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Introduction to Digital Curation

In this 6-week introductory course, students will learn the principles for the design and implementation of long-term curation of digital data and information assets, including born-digital and digitized assets. Students will work to build a foundational framework for analyzing the technical, practical, ethical, economic, legal, social, and political factors affecting digital curation decisions.

Tools and Software for Digital Curation

This 12-week course provides ample hands-on experience in testing the application of digital curation principles in specific settings. Students will discuss the characteristics, representation, conversion, and preservation of digital objects, and work to plan for sustainability, risk mitigation, and disaster recovery. Multiple tools and software will be utilized throughout the course.

Implementing Digital Curation in the Workplace

This final 12-week capstone course provides students with an opportunity to understand the application of digital curation principles and techniques first-hand in an institutional program setting. Students who take this course will address one or more aspects of digital curation in their own organization through a project, focusing on an aspect of digital curation: design and implementation for long-term digital curation of a discrete collection; application of technologies and standards for digitization, description, and preservation of digital assets; or implementation of strategies to provide access to a digital collection.

2019–2020 Schedule of Classes

September 3–October 15, 2019

Introduction to Digital Curation (6 weeks)

October 22, 2019–January 28, 2020  

Tools and Software for Digital Curation (12 weeks)

February 4–April 28, 2020

Implementing Digital Curation in the Workplace  (12 weeks)  



The total cost for all three courses is: $4000 

  • Introduction to Digital Curation (6 weeks) - $1000
  • Tools and Software for Digital Curation (12 weeks) - $1500
  • Implementing Digital Curation in the Workplace (12 weeks) - $1500

Students register for courses individually. Those who complete all three will receive a certificate of completion. 

Apply for the 2019-2020 DCIP Program

To apply, please complete an application and attach a current resume and letter of interest.

Your letter of interest should address:

  • Your background and experience working in the digital field
  • What particularly interests you in this field
  • Why you want to complete the DCIP Certificate Program
  • What you hope to achieve by completing this program

Content from the letters of interest will be used to tailor courses. 

The application deadline is Friday, July 26, 2019.

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