Study Abroad Opportunities from the iSchool, Summer 2015

Study Abroad Opportunities from the iSchool, Summer 2015

The iSchool at the University of Maryland is offering two exciting Education Abroad classes during summer 2015.  Learn more about the extraordinary opportunities at one of two information sessions:


Wednesday, February 11, 4:30-5:30 pm
2116 Hornbake Building, South Wing, University of Maryland

Or listen online to the recorded virtual information session:
Feb. 4 Virtual Information Session

Great Cathedral Libraries of England (June 21 – July 3, 2015) will offer an insider’s look at the libraries and archives in seven great English cathedrals, which are among the most historically significant libraries in western civilization. Visits will offer a “behind the scenes” experience with opportunities to interact with professional staff and a chance to investigate a topic of individual interest. Students will learn about the history of cathedral libraries in England, special collections within the libraries, and
the libraries’ roles in contemporary cathedral life. They will learn about and view rich treasures of western history that have been collected, preserved, and guarded by the libraries through more than 1000 years. The experiences offered by this course are not available in the U.S., nor are they available to the ordinary visitor to the cathedrals. Through the courtesy of the Cathedral Library and Archives Association of Great Britain and of professional librarians in England, students will have privileged access to the libraries and librarians these institutions, a truly special experience. For more information contact Dr. Diane Barlow at

Namibian Libraries – Developing Services for a Knowledge-based Economy in Africa (July 30 – August 17, 2015) Are you interested in developing countries?  Join the iSchool’s Education Abroad program for unprecedented access to Namibia’s leaders in library development, higher education, and information infra-structure. Gain experience working with communitymembers in newly created 21st century learning and resource centers!  Namibia is a democratic, stable nation in southwest Africa, whose goal is to become a knowledge-based economy by the year 2030.   Students interested in international affairs, who want to work internationally, or simply to challenge themselves to experience in another culture, will gain experience in a developing country and understand the reality of this work first hand.  And you will have opportunities to see giraffes, elephants, lions, and baboons and have more fun than you can possibly imagine! For more information contact Dr. Wendy Simmons at