iSchool to Host Doctoral Research Day on March 11

The College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, Maryland’s iSchool, is hosting its third annual Doctoral Research Day on Monday, March 11, 2013, from 5-7 pm. This event will be held on the second floor of the South Wing of the Hornbake Building. Light refreshments will be provided. We hope that you can join us to recognize our students and their innovative research!



Authors Poster Title
    1 Lloyd A. Beers, Jr. and Katie Shilton Psychological Ownership in the Archives Workplace
    2 Anne Bowser, Brian Butler, Jennifer Preece Instagram and Creativity: A Veil, or a Mimicry?
    3 Anne Bowser, Derek Hansen, Jocelyn Raphael, Matthew Reid, Ryan Gammet, Yurong He, Dana Rotman, Jennifer Preece Of Natures and Gamers: Designing a Gamified Citizen Science App
    4 Lou Anne Demattei Interactive Information Retrieval: Organizing Intelligence for Analysis
    5 Chad Doran The Government Gets Social: Analysis of Federal Social Media Records
    6 Irene Eleta and Jennifer Golbeck Multilingual Users of Twitter: Social Ties Across Language Borders
    7 Elizabeth Foss Youth Internet Searching:  Toward Lay Identification of Search Roles
    8 Ning Gao, William Webber, and Douglas W. Oard Reducing Reliance on Relevance Judgments for System Comparison by Using Expectation Maximization
    9 Ursula Gorham People’s Law Library of Maryland: An Exploratory Case Study
   10 Alvin Grissom II, John Morgan, Naho Orita, and Jordan Boyd-Graber Simultaneous Translation Using Reinforcement Learning
   11 Yurong He, Kari Kraus, and Jennifer Preece You Are Not Alone Online: A Case Study of Long Distance Romantic Relationship Online Community
   12 Donal Heidenblad Questions that Annoy Engineers: Seeking Answers through Philosophy
   13 Chen Huang IT Innovation Diffusion in Twitter
   14 Jinyoung Kim, Kari Kraus and June Ahn The Presentation of Self and Interpersonal Conflicts on Facebook
   15 Jes A. Koepfler and Katie Shilton Designing for values that aren’t there (yet): Values scenarios for the design of a future Internet
   16 Lesley A. Langa Does Social Media Help Broaden Participation in Museums?
   17 Amalia S. Levi Close Encounters of the Social Media Kind: Redefining Primary Sources in Historical Research
   18 Xu Meng and Brian Butler Crowdsourcing in Virtual Communities
   19 Thang Nguyen and Jordan Boyd-Graber Detecting Comparable Document using PSL and PLTM
   20 Chi Young Oh Sharing Local Information: GVW for New International Students
   21 Anthony Pellicone and June Ahn Gamification of Higher Education Curriculum
   22 Christina Pikas Twitter at Scientific Meetings: Scholarly Communication?
   23 Brian Real, John Carlo Bertot, and Paul T. Jaeger Rural Public Libraries and Digital Inclusion: Issues and Challenges
   24 Jyothi Vinjumur, William Webber, and Douglas W. Oard Automatic Classification for Privilege in E-discovery
   25 Amanda Waugh, Natalie Greene Taylor, Mega Subramaniam, June Ahn, Ken Fleischmann, and Allison Druin Tween Super-Users: An Exploratory Study
   26 Ann Carlson Weeks, Jeffrey DiScala, Sheri A. Massey, Rebecca Follman, Alexandra Moses, and Diane Barlow The Lilead Project: A Study of School Library District Supervisors
   27 Dongming Zhang and Jimmy Lin Developing a Hybrid Process for Automatically Updating the Citation Collection for Existing Evidence-based Clinical Reports