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iSchool Staff
Hussain Abbas
Hussain Abbas, Program Recruiting Coordinator
MBA, University of Phoenix
Dr. Diane Barlow
Dr. Diane L. Barlow, Assistant to the Dean
PhD, Maryland
Communication and information transfer, information use, education for the information professions
David Baugh
David Baugh, Technology Officer
Information Technology Specialist, BS, Maryland
Tetyana Bezbabna
Tetyana Bezbabna, MIM Program Coordinator
MIM, University of Maryland
Joanne Briscoe, Director of Student Services & Undergraduate Academic Advisor
MS, College of New Rochelle
Dr. Brian Butler
Dr. Brian Butler, Professor and Dean
PhD, Carnegie Mellon
IT impacts on geographically-embedded markets, business continuity management, dynamics of online communities and other technology-supported groups, social networking systems, politics of technology implementation in organizations, impact of electronic commerce on inter-organizational relationships
Vedat G. Diker
Dr. Vedat G. Diker, Program Director, Shady Grove Programs
PhD, SUNY Albany
Modeling and simulation of socio-economic systems, social and human impacts of information and communication technologies
Tricia Donovan
Tricia Donovan, Professional Education Coordinator and e-Learning Instructional Designer
Rhyneta Fleming
Rhyneta Fleming, Director of Administrative Services
Rob Goodwin
Rob Goodwin, Webmaster
BS, Portland State University, Oregon
Carlea Holl-Jensen
Carlea Holl-Jensen, HCIL/HCIM Coordinator
Greg Jansen, Research Software Architect
Lawrence Liff
Lawrence Liff, Director of Development
MPP, Maryland
Fernando Marciano, Academic Program Specialist
Daisy Mason
Daisy Mason, Administrative Assistant
BEd, Catholic University of Minas Gerais
David Napier, Systems Administrator
Allan Oliveros, Desktop Support Specialist
Adaire Parker, Undergraduate Associate Director
Adaire Parker, Undergraduate Associate Director
Johnna Percell, Communications Coordinator
Jennifer J. Preece
Dr. Jennifer J. Preece, Professor & Dean Emerita
PhD, Open University
Computer-mediated communication, human-computer interaction, management of online communities of practice, health, education, and knowledge
Mary Ramos
Mary Ramos, Director of Budget & Finance
MLS, Maryland
Margarita Rodriguez
Margarita Rodriguez, Human Resources Coordinator and Assistant to the Dean
BA, Maryland
Lindsay Sarin
Lindsay Sarin, Director of Academic Programs
MLS, Maryland
Lissa Snyders
Lissa Snyders - Graduate Academic Advisor
Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor, Financial Coordinator & Communications Specialist
Diane Travis
Diane M. Travis, Research Coordinator & Event Manager
MLS, Maryland
Jeff Waters, Graduate Student Services Coordinator
MS, Drexel University
Ann C. Weeks
Dr. Ann C. Weeks, Associate Dean for Academic Programs & Director of Professional Education
School Library Media specializations, children's information access and use, digital libraries for children
Erin Zerhusen
Erin Zerhusen, MLIS Program Coordinator