Dr.Katie Shilton

Dr. Katie Shilton, Associate Professor & Doctoral Program Director
(301) 405-3777
Katie Shilton

Dr.Katie Shilton

Ph.D. in Information Studies from UCLA.


BA from Oberlin College.

Office: 4121H Hornbake Building, South Wing

Research Interests

Digital technologies have revolutionized information and communication. But even as the capabilities of information technologies advance, many have failed to reflect and support the values of their users. Studies demonstrate a striking discord between user values such as privacy, accessibility, and fairness; and implementation of these values in information technologies. Shilton’s research focuses on ethical innovation: ensuring that consideration of moral questions and user values are first-order concerns during design of emerging technologies.


Recent Publications & Products

  1. Shilton, K., Burke, J.A., claffy, k.c., & Zhang, L. (In Press). Anticipating Policy and Social Implications of Named Data Networking. Communications of the ACM.

  2. Shilton, K. & Anderson, S. (2016). Blended, not Bossy: Ethics Roles, Responsibilities, and Expertise in Design. Interacting With Computers. (Special issue on Co-Constructing Meaning: Ethics Matter(s) in Design Research).

  3. Martin, K. & Shilton, K. (2016). Putting Mobile Application Privacy in Context: An Empirical Study of Consumer Privacy Expectations for Mobile Devices. The Information Society, 32(3).

  4. Vitak, J., Shilton, K., and Ashktorab, Z. (2016). Beyond the Belmont Principles: Ethical Challenges, Practices, and Beliefs in the Online Data Research Community. Proceedings of the 19th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2016), San Francisco, CA: ACM.  



Fall 2016:

1) INST610-Information Ethics


Spring 2016:

1)Policy & Ethics for Digital Curation