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Faculty of Information
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Dr. June Ahn
Dr. June Ahn, Assistant Professor, iSchool and College of Education
PhD, University of Southern California
Social computing, youths and education; education informatics, policy and reform
John Carlo Bertot
Dr. John Carlo Bertot, Professor and Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
PhD, Syracuse
Information and telecommunications policy; e-government; planning and evaluating library services, with an emphasis on networked services; public library use of and involvement with he internet
Dr. Brian Butler
Dr. Brian Butler, Professor and Dean
PhD, Carnegie Mellon
IT impacts on geographically-embedded markets, business continuity management, dynamics of online communities and other technology-supported groups, social networking systems, politics of technology implementation in organizations, impact of electronic commerce on inter-organizational relationships
Photo of Marshini Chetty
Dr. Marshini Chetty, Assistant Professor
PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology
Broadband networks, information and communication technologies for development
Tamara Clegg
Dr. Tamara Clegg, Assistant Professor, College of Education and iSchool
PhD, Georgia Tech
Developing technology to support life-relevant learning environments, participatory design with children
Vedat G. Diker
Dr. Vedat G. Diker, Program Director, Shady Grove Programs
PhD, SUNY Albany
Modeling and simulation of socio-economic systems, social and human impacts of information and communication technologies
Dr. Allison Druin, Professor
PhD, New Mexico
Children's information access and use, digital libraries for children, user interface design, children's storytelling processes and tools
Dr. Niklas Elmqvist
Dr. Niklas Elmqvist, Associate Professor and Program Director, Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction
PhD, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Research Interests: information visualization, visual analytics, human-computer interaction
Dr. Leah Findlater, Assistant Professor
Dr. Leah Findlater, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of British Columbia
Personalized interfaces, interaction techniques, accessibility, and information and communication technologies for development
Dr. Vanessa Frias-Martinez
Dr. Vanessa Frias-Martinez, Assistant Professor
PhD, Columbia University
Big data analytics, machine learning, mobile and ubiquitous technologies, behavior and user modeling, crowdsourcing, ICTs for development
Jennifer Golbeck
Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, Associate Professor
PhD, Maryland
Social networks, trust, intelligent systems, semantic web
Ursula Gorham
Dr. Ursula Gorham, Lecturer
PhD, Maryland
E-government; role of libraries in public policy and political processes; technology and social justice
Dr. Ken Heger
Dr. Kenneth W. Heger, Lecturer
PhD, History, University of Maryland
Renee Hill, Senior Lecturer
Dr. Paul T. Jaeger
Dr. Paul T. Jaeger, Professor & Program Director, Master of Library and Information Science
PhD, JD, Florida State
Research Interests: Information law and policy, access for underserved populations, disability and accessibility, information and human rights, e-government, and social theory of information
Greg Jansen, Research Software Architect
Kari Kraus
Dr. Kari Kraus, Associate Professor
PhD, Rochester
Digital humanities, information access in the arts and humanities, intellectual property, digital preservation, virtual worlds, image metadata
Bill Kules, Visiting Associate Professor
Dr. Michael Kurtz
Dr. Michael Kurtz, Visiting Professor
PhD, Georgetown
Archives and archival management; digital preservation; government records policy; open government
Katy Newton Lawley
Dr. Katy Newton Lawley, Lecturer & Doctoral Program Associate Director
PhD, Maryland
Metadata, organization of information, structures for representing information spaces, cognitive aspects of information seeking
Richard Marciano
Dr. Richard Marciano, Professor and Director, Digital Curation Innovation Center
PhD, University of Iowa
Digital preservation, archives and records management, digital curation, electronic records, digital humanities, spatial informatics, big data, cyberinfrastructure.
Doug Oard
Dr. Douglas W. Oard, Professor
PhD, Maryland
Information technology, user modeling, information retrieval
Jennifer J. Preece
Dr. Jennifer J. Preece, Professor & Dean Emerita
PhD, Open University
Computer-mediated communication, human-computer interaction, management of online communities of practice, health, education, and knowledge
Dr. Ricardo L. Punzalan
Dr. Ricardo L. Punzalan, Assistant Professor
PhD, Michigan
Archives and museum studies, virtual reunification, digitization of archival photographs, inter-institutional collaboration, archives and collective memory
Katie Shilton
Dr. Katie Shilton, Assistant Professor & Doctoral Program Director
Social and ethical implications of emerging technologies; information policy; social values and technology design
T. Kanti Srikantaiah
Dr. T. Kanti Srikantaiah, Visiting Professor
PhD, University of Southern California
Knowledge Management, organization of information, project management
Beth St. Jean
Dr. Beth St. Jean, Assistant Professor
PhD, Michigan
Consumer health information behavior, relevance, credibility, institutional repositories, open access
Mega M Subramaniam
Dr. Mega M Subramaniam, Associate Professor and Associate Director, Information Policy and Access Center (iPAC)
PhD, Florida State
Gender and diversity in computing, emergence of new areas of inquiry related to computing and information science education, instructional design
Dr. Timothy C. Summers, Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement
Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement
PhD, Case Western Reserve University
Cyber security, How Hackers Think
Dr. Yla Tausczik, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Texas at Austin
social computing, online communities, computer-mediated communication, problem-solving in groups
Gregg Vanderheiden, Professor
 Jessica Vitak
Dr. Jessica Vitak, Assistant Professor
PhD, Michigan State
computer-mediated communication, social media, relationship maintenance, impression management, privacy, social capital, context collapse
Ping Wang
Dr. Ping Wang, Associate Professor
Information technology innovation, organizational innovation, ecology of innovation communities, science of science & innovation policy, institutional theory, scale-free networks
Kathy Weaver
Dr. Kathy Weaver, Lecturer and Program Director, Master of Information Management
PhD, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Research Interests: Computerized learning experiences, computerized conversation agents
Ann C. Weeks
Dr. Ann C. Weeks, Associate Dean for Academic Programs & Director of Professional Education
School Library Media specializations, children's information access and use, digital libraries for children
Andrea Wiggins
Dr. Andrea Wiggins, Assistant Professor
PhD, Syracuse University
Collaboration, data management, open participation systems, citizen science
Susan Winter
Dr. Susan Winter, Lecturer, Associate Dean for Research and Co-Director of the Center for Advanced Study of Communities and Information
PhD, University of Arizona
Technology and the organization of work especially data reuse and collaboration among scientists