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iSchool Adjunct Faculty
Gail C. Bailey, Adjunct Lecturer
EdD, Maryland
Director, School Library Media specializations
Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools (ret.)
Rachael Bradley
Dr. Rachael Bradley, Adjunct Lecturer
PhD, Information Studies, Maryland
Principal information systems engineer and associate department head, MITRE
Michelle Butler
Dr. Michelle Markey Butler, Adjunct Lecturer
PhD, Duquesne University
Anne S. Caputo
Anne S. Caputo, Adjunct Lecturer
MALS, San Jose State
Executive Director, Learning & Information Professional Programs
Dow Jones & Company (ret.)
Jean Cavanaugh
Jean Cavanaugh, Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Maryland
Office Director, Information Resources,
International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State
Edith Ching
Edith Ching, Adjunct Lecturer
MAT, Harvard
MLS, Maryland
Author Escort, Bookfame
Nancy Davenport, Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Pittsburgh
Director for Library Services, District of Columbia Public Library
Bruce W. Dearstyne
Dr. Bruce W. Dearstyne, Adjunct Lecturer
PhD, History, Syracuse
Professor, iSchool (ret.)
Rocco Debonis
MLS, University of Maryland College Park
Maralita Freeny
Maralita Freeny, Adjunct Lecturer
MSLS, Catholic
Coordinator, District of Columbia Public Library
Dr. Cherie Givens, Adjunct Lecturer
PhD, Library, Archival, and Information Studies, University of British Columbia
JD, Louisiana State
Lecturer, San Jose State University
Information Privacy Specialist/Attorney-at-Law
Dr. Annette Y. Goldsmith, Adjunct Lecturer
PhD, LIS, Florida State
Guest Faculty, University of Washington
Stephen Greenberg
Dr. Stephen Greenberg, Adjunct Lecturer
PhD, History, Fordham
Doris Hamburg, Adjunct Lecturer
MS, Museum Art Conservation, University of Delaware
MA, Art History, Columbia
Director, Preservation Programs, National Archives and Records Administration
Paul Jacobs
Dr. Paul Jacobs, Adjunct Lecturer
PhD, Berkeley
Neal K. Kaske
Dr. Neal K. Kaske, Adjunct Lecturer
PhD, Oklahoma
Director, NOAA Central & Regional Libraries
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
William Killam
William Killam, Adjunct Lecturer
MA, Psychology, Marymount University
President and Principal Consultant, User-Centered Design, Inc.
Cindy Kleback, Adjunct Lecturer
MA, Information Resources and Library Science, University of Arizona
Branch Manager, Southeast Anchor Library, Enoch Pratt Free Library
Deborah Klein
Deborah Klein, Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Maryland, MA, Economics, Michigan State
Associate Commissioner for Publications and Special Studies, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (retired)
Martha Kyrillidou
Martha Kyrillidou, Adjunct Lecturer
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Senior Director, Statistics and Service Quality Programs
Association of Research Libraries
Elizabeth Larson, Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, University of Maryland
Librarian III at the Largo-Kettering Branch of the Prince George's County Memorial Library System
Mary K. Mannix
Mary K. Mannix, Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Maryland, MA, University of Delaware
Maryland Room Manager, Burr Artz Library
Frederick County (MD) Public Libraries
Sheri Massey
Dr. Sheri Massey, Adjunct Faculty
PhD, Maryland
School library programs; digital libraries; information seeking and use behaviors; diversity in libraries and education
Douglas P. McElrath
Douglas P. McElrath, Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, MA, European History, Maryland
Librarian III, McKeldin Library
University of Maryland
Jessica McGilvray, Adjunct Lecturer
MS, LIS, Florida State
Assistant Director, Office of Government Relations, ALA Washington Office
Nelson Padua-Perez
Nelson Padua-Perez, Adjunct Lecturer
MS, Computer Science, Maryland
Lecturer, Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland
Myra Paul
Myra Paul, Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Maryland
Secondary Instructional Specialist
Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools
Vera T. Rhoads
Vera T. Rhoads, Adjunct Lecturer
MS, Syracuse
Usability, Interaction Design, Agile Methodologies, Social Collaboration
Nancy K. Roderer
Nancy K. Roderer, Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Maryland
Professor Emerita, Division of Health Sciences Informatics
School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Vikas M. Sahasrabudhe, Adjunct Lecturer
PhD, Computer Science, Berkeley
Assistant Professor, School of Business, George Washington University (ret.)
Maria Salvadore
Maria Salvadore, Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, MA, Maryland
Children’s literature consultant and Editor,
John Shuler
John Shuler, Adjunct Lecturer
Associate Professor, Government Information and Urban Planning
Biblographer, Documents Library, University of Illinois at Chicago
Dr. Wendy Simmons
Dr. Wendy Simmons, Adjunct Lecturer
PhD, Maryland
Information Resource Officer (Foreign Service), U.S. Department of State (retired)
Julie Strange, Adjunct Lecturer
MLIS, Rutgers
Statewide Coordinator, Maryland AskUsNow!
Deborah Taylor
Deborah Taylor, Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Maryland
Coordinator, School and Student Services
Enoch Pratt Free Library
Corey Williams, Adjunct Lecturer
MA, LIS, Iowa
Associate Director/Senior Lobbyist
Office of Government Relations, American Library Association
Carol Wittig, Adjunct Lecturer
MLS, Kent State
MA, English, University of Akron
Head of Instruction and Information Services
Boatwright Library, University of Richmond