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iSchool Faculty & Staff
Hussain Abbas
Hussain Abbas, Program Coordinator, iSchool at Shady Grove
Dr. June Ahn, Assistant Professor, iSchool and College of Education
Dr. June Ahn, Assistant Professor, iSchool and College of Education
Bruce I. Ambacher
Dr. Bruce I. Ambacher, Visiting Professor
Gail C. Bailey, Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Diane L. Barlow, Assistant to the Dean
Dr. Diane L. Barlow, Assistant to the Dean
David Baugh
David Baugh, Technology Officer
Benjamin B. Bederson, Affiliate Professor
Dr. Benjamin B. Bederson, Affiliate Professor
John Carlo Bertot
Dr. John Carlo Bertot, Professor and Co-Director, Information Policy & Access Center
Tetyana Bezbabna
Tetyana Bezbabna, MIM Program Coordinator
Rachael Bradley
Dr. Rachael Bradley, Adjunct Lecturer
Joanne Briscoe, Director of Student Services
Frank Burke
Dr. Frank G. Burke, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Brian Butler
Dr. Brian Butler, Professor and Dean
Michelle Butler
Michelle Markey Butler, Adjunct Lecturer
Anne S. Caputo
Anne S. Caputo, Adjunct Lecturer
Jean Cavanaugh
Jean Cavanaugh, Adjunct Lecturer
Photo of Marshini Chetty
Dr. Marshini Chetty, Assistant Professor
Edith Ching
Edith Ching, Adjunct Lecturer
Tamara Clegg
Tamara Clegg, Assistant Professor, College of Education and iSchool
Nancy Davenport, Adjunct Lecturer
Bruce W. Dearstyne
Dr. Bruce W. Dearstyne, Adjunct Lecturer
Vedat G. Diker
Dr. Vedat G. Diker, Program Director, Shady Grove Programs
Tricia Donovan
Tricia Donovan, Program Coordinator for Professional Education
Dr. Allison Druin, Professor
Jean Dryden
Dr. Jean Dryden, Assistant Research Scientist
Dr. Niklas Elmqvist
Dr. Niklas Elmqvist, Associate Professor and Program Director, Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction
Dr. Leah Findlater, Assistant Professor
Dr. Leah Findlater, Assistant Professor
Kathleen Fominaya
Kathleen Fominaya, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration
Maralita Freeny
Maralita Freeny, Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Vanessa Frias-Martinez
Dr. Vanessa Frias-Martinez, Assistant Professor
Dr. Cherie Givens, Adjunct Lecturer
Jennifer Golbeck
Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, Associate Professor
Dr. Annette Y. Goldsmith, Adjunct Lecturer
Rob Goodwin
Rob Goodwin, Webmaster
Ursula Gorham
Dr. Ursula Gorham, Lecturer
Stephen Greenberg
Dr. Stephen Greenberg, Adjunct Lecturer
Mona Leigh Guha
Dr. Mona Leigh Guha, Research Associate
Doris Hamburg, Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Kenneth W. Heger, Lecturer
Paul Jacobs
Dr. Paul Jacobs, Adjunct Lecturer
Paul T. Jaeger
Dr. Paul T. Jaeger, Professor and Program Director, MLS
Greg Jansen, Research Software Architect
Neal K. Kaske
Neal K. Kaske, Adjunct Lecturer
William Killam
William Killam, Adjunct Lecturer
Matthew Kirschenbaum
Dr. Matthew Kirschenbaum, Affiliate Associate Professor and Associate Director, Maryland Instititute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH)
Cindy Kleback, Adjunct Lecturer
Deborah Klein
Deborah Klein, Adjunct Lecturer
Kari Kraus
Dr. Kari Kraus, Associate Professor
Michael Kurtz
Dr. Michael Kurtz, Visiting Professor
Martha Kyrillidou
Martha Kyrillidou, Adjunct Lecturer
Katy Newton Lawley
Dr. Katy Newton Lawley, Lecturer
James W. Liesener
Dr. James W. Liesener, Professor Emeritus
Lawrence Liff
Lawrence Liff, Director of Development
Charles Lowry
Dr. Charles B. Lowry, Professor Emeritus, Executive Director, Association of Research Libraries
Mary K. Mannix
Mary K. Mannix, Adjunct Lecturer
Richard Marciano
Dr. Richard Marciano, Professor and Director, Digital Curation Innovation Center
Fernando Marciano, Academic Program Specialist
Daisy Mason, Administrative Assistant
Sheri Massey
Dr. Sheri Massey, Adjunct Faculty
Douglas P. McElrath
Douglas P. McElrath, Adjunct Lecturer
Jessica McGilvray, Adjunct Lecturer
Delia Neuman
Dr. Delia Neuman, Associate Professor Emerita
Kent Norman
Dr. Kent Norman, Affiliate Associate Professor
Douglas W. Oard
Dr. Douglas W. Oard, Professor
Nelson Padua-Perez
Nelson Padua-Perez, Adjunct Lecturer
Dr. Scott Paquette, Adjunct Lecturer
Myra Paul
Myra Paul, Adjunct Lecturer
Catherine Plaisant
Dr. Catherine Plaisant, Senior Research Scientist, UMIACS
Jennifer J. Preece
Dr. Jennifer J. Preece, Professor & Dean Emerita
Ann Prentice
Dr. Ann E. Prentice, Professor Emerita and former Dean, College of Information Studies
Dr. Ricardo L. Punzalan
Dr. Ricardo L. Punzalan, Assistant Professor
Mary Ramos
Mary Ramos, Faculty Research Assistant
Vera T. Rhoads
Vera T. Rhoads, Adjunct Lecturer
Nancy K. Roderer
Nancy K. Roderer, Adjunct Lecturer
Margarita Rodriguez
Margarita Rodriguez, Human Resources Coordinator and Assistant to the Dean
Dr. Vikas M. Sahasrabudhe, Adjunct Lecturer
Maria Salvadore
Maria Salvadore, Adjunct Lecturer
Lindsay Sarin
Lindsay Sarin, MLS Program Manager
Katie Shilton
Dr. Katie Shilton, Assistant Professor
Ben Shneiderman
Dr. Ben Shneiderman, Affiliate Professor
John Shuler
John Shuler, Adjunct Lecturer
Wendy Simmons
Dr. Wendy Simmons, Adjunct Lecturer
Dagobert Soergel
Dr. Dagobert Soergel, Professor Emeritus
T. Kanti Srikantaiah
Dr. T. Kanti Srikantaiah, Visiting Professor
Beth St. Jean
Dr. Beth St. Jean, Assistant Professor
Julie Strange, Adjunct Lecturer
Mega M Subramaniam
Dr. Mega M Subramaniam, Associate Professor and Associate Director, Information Policy and Access Center (iPAC)
Dr. Timothy C. Summers, Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement
Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Engagement
Dr. Yla Tausczik, Assistant Professor
Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor, Faculty Research Assistant
Deborah Taylor
Deborah Taylor, Adjunct Lecturer
Diane Travis
Diane M. Travis, Undergraduate Program Development Coordinator
Jessica Vitak
Dr. Jessica Vitak, Assistant Professor
Claude E. Walston
Dr. Claude E. Walston, Professor Emeritus
Ping Wang
Dr. Ping Wang, Director of Ph.D. Program, Associate Professor
Jeffrey Waters, Coordinator of Graduate Student Services
Kathy Weaver
Dr. Kathy Weaver, Lecturer and Director, MIM Program
Ann C. Weeks
Dr. Ann C. Weeks, Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Dr. Marilyn Domas White, Associate Professor Emerita
Andrea Wiggins
Dr. Andrea Wiggins, Assistant Professor
Corey Williams, Adjunct Lecturer
Susan Winter
Dr. Susan Winter, Lecturer and Associate Dean for Research
Carol Wittig, Adjunct Lecturer