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Ways of Giving

Alumni may choose to give in many different ways throughout their lifetimes. Annual gifts are the most popular way of supporting our school and the specific priorities important to donors. For those donors who wish to make a more significant impact, endowing a scholarship, fellowship, or professorship can be accomplished through our Director of Development.

Cash gifts

An easy, flexible and simple way to give is to send a personal check or money order by mail, or use your credit card to make a gift online. 

Please send your gifts to:

Lawrence Liff
Director of Development
4105 Hornbake Bldg, South
College Park, MD 20742

All Checks and Money Orders need to be made payable to: The University of Maryland College Park Foundation (UMCPF). Please use the memo line to indicate the fund you are supporting.

Online gifts can be made by visiting the iSchool's Online Giving page  and selecting the fund you desire to support.

Appreciated securities

They often represent the best value for donors who want to make an impact with their giving by keeping cash flow intact. Stock bought at a substantially reduced cost has the potential of increasing the value of your gift over time, as well as providing you with added tax advantages.

There are no hard and fast rules for selecting a stock as a gift, but the best choices will depend on the overall makeup of your portfolio. Here are a few general points to consider:

  • Stocks with appreciated value will give you the maximum leverage for an untaxed profit
  • By giving stocks in which you may have an over-weighted position in your portfolio, you may receive valuable tax relief while lightening your position.

Stocks with potential for increased value as charitable gifts now may allow you important tax savings if you consider your future capital gains tax liability

Income Potential Through Gifts of Stock

Stocks may be used to structure gifts that will yield a direct income stream for you or for someone you designate. These life income plans may generate substantial tax benefits in the year they are set up, while providing income for the donor for life or a designated term of years.

For example, using stock to fund a life income plan may help you minimize or avoid capital gains tax when the university converts the stock in your behalf. The undiluted proceeds can be used to generate a high income stream for your lifetime or for a designated term of years. In addition, you receive a substantial income tax charitable deduction, which further improves your cash flow.

Another benefit may be to restore balance in your portfolio. Selling off stock can incur a large and unwanted capital gains tax. You may avoid this tax by using the stock to fund a life income plan, while re-balancing your portfolio.

Please contact your financial and tax professional to discuss further which option best suits your needs.

Real or personal properties

Property is another attractive way to make a gift. When you make gifts of property, certain value appraisals are required. These transactions will be handled with you directly and in conjunction with your legal representative.