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Technology Development and Deployment

The Technology Development and Deployment (TDD) Specialization focuses you on the development, implementation, and maintenance of systems which support information management.  The coursework in the TDD specialization is designed to provide an understanding of the technical, design, and managerial issues which arise during the creation and implementation of information systems.  This track prepares you for positions such as systems analyst, senior developer, and chief technology officer (CTO).

In addition to completing the required core, advanced technology, and project courses, to successfully complete the Technology Development and Deployment specialization you must meet the following requirements:

TDD Core Courses (9 credits)

Information architecture and technology courses make up the core of the Technology Development and Deployment specialization. One course is required for all students in the TDD specialization:

  • INFM 700 Information Architecture

All students must also take an additional advanced technology course.

One technology design and application course is also required. These courses examine the challenges of deploying technology in context and the techniques for addressing these challenges. The technology design and application requirement can be fulfilled by selecting one of the following courses:

  • INFM 613 Systems Analysis and Planning
  • INFM 702 User Interaction with Information Systems
  • INFM 718J Communities of Practice - Online Communities
  • INFM 722 Copyright, Privacy and Security Issues in Digital Information
  • INFM 718V Organizational and Business Process Modeling
  • INST 631 Fundamentals of HCI
  • INST 714 Information for Decision-Making
  • INST 715 Knowledge Management
  • INST 741 Social Computing Technologies and Applications

TDD Elective Courses (6 credits)

The remaining six credits are to be chosen by the student to best meet their interests and needs. Any advanced technology or technology design course not taken to fulfill the previously described requirements may be taken as an elective. Other possible TDD elective courses include, but are not limited to:

  • INFM 620 Introduction to Strategic Information Management
  • INFM 706 Project Management
  • INFM 720 Seminar in Strategic Information Management
  • INFM 714 Principles of Competitive Intelligence
  • INFM 732 Information Audits and Environmental Scans
  • INST 607 E-Government: Information, Communication, and Policy
  • INST 610 Information Ethics
  • INST 630 Programming for the Information Professional
  • INST 612 Information Policy
  • INST 660 21st Century Leadership
  • INST 701 Special Topics: Research Methods
  • INST 716 Information, Technology, and Society
  • LBSC 680 Principles of Records and Information Management
  • LBSC 682 Management of Electronic Records and Information
  • LBSC 735 Legal Issues in Managing Information
  • Other LBSC, INFM and INST courses

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