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Special Librarian

See also specific types of special librarianship: business information specialist, health sciences librarian, law librarian

Practice Settings

Special librarians are employed in a variety of for-profit and non-for-profit settings, including corporations, professional and trade associations, universities, museums, hospitals and government agencies.

Primary Responsibilities

Use information to advance the mission of the parent company. This is accomplished through a variety of services and activities: Reference & Research; Collection Development; User Instruction; Organization of and Access to External and Internal Information; Records Management; Competitive Intelligence; Marketing. See Competencies for Information Professionals for a more detailed discussion.

Recommended Information Studies Electives

Students should consult with their advisors to select electives that best support their individual intellectual interests and career goals. For this type of career, the most appropriate electives will largely depend on the type of institution a student is interested in.

Professional Associations


Specialized Scholarships/Interest Free Loans


Key Geographic Areas for Employment

Special librarians are employed in organizations throughout the United States and in other countries. See subject index for specific type of special librarianship and geographic designation in the Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers, Detroit: Gale, annual.

Specialized Placement Services


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