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Seeing the Unseen Research Community


Research that seeks to understand how to bring out transparency in knowledge organization, management and visualization; explores implications of keeping information unseen or hidden; and understand government policies on information and their implications.


John Bertot, Jordan Boyd-Graber, Jean Dryden, Ken Fleischmann, Jen Golbeck, Derek Hansen, Paul Jaeger, Jimmy Lin, Scott Paquette, Yan Qu, Ping Wang, Dave Yates

Ongoing Research


  • Visualization tools to understand social media networks with NodeXL.
  • Understanding knowledge management in disaster response.
  • Analyzing user behavior in Twitter.
  • Automatically discovering trends and themes of large corporations.
  • Understanding the diffusion of IT innovations.
  • Designing and evaluating social systems that encourage the flow of knowledge across organizational boundaries.





Jordan Boyd-Graber

Aim: To integrate human knowledge into usable, useful machine learning algorithms.

Using topic models to discover, automatically, the trends and themes of large corporations.

Automatically discovering which documents in a collection are persuasive.


Jen Golbeck


Aim: To develop a computational understanding of users' interactions and relationships in social networks.

Developing models to compute trust in social networks to make recommended systems socially intelligent.

Analyzing user behavior in Twitter to build models of information propagation in networks.


Ping Wang


Aim: To study what makes IT innovations popular and the impact of popular innovations.

PopIT project: Developing a computational approach to understanding the diffusion of IT innovations--sponsored by National Science Foundation.

STICK project: Developing Science and Technology Innovation Concept Knowledge-base--sponsored by National Science Foundation.