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Current Projects

Public Library Funding and Technology Access National Survey

Studies public library Internet use, involvement and funding.
Faculty: John Bertot
Sponsor: American Library Association


International Children's Digital Library (ICDL)

Investigates how children access and use digital books to explore diverse cultures using a library containing almost 3,000 digitized books from over 37 countries.
Faculty: Allison Druin, Ann Weeks
Sponsors: National Science Foundation; Institute of Museum and Library Services; Microsoft Corporation; Adobe Systems Incorporated

Understanding Children’s Online Information Needs

Enables young people to take technologies into the world of the National Parks by using mobile technologies to access, use and create digital information that enriches their physical experiences.
Faculty: Allison Druin
Sponsor: National Park Service

Educational Simulation for Computing & Information Ethics

Develops and evaluates an educational simulation that helps graduate students in computing and information programs to consider key ethical issues.
Faculty: Kenneth Fleischmann
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Ethical Implications of Values in Computational Modeling

Investigates the role of values in the design of computational models in academic, corporate, and government research laboratories.
Faculty: Kenneth Fleischmann
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

T3: Text, Tagging and Trust to Improve Image Access for Museums and Libraries

Conducts research on new methods to improve user access to online museum images by using social trust relationships and search terms derived from several sources.
Faculty: Jennifer Golbeck, Dagobert Soergel
Sponsor: Institute of Museum and Library Services

Game-Theoretic Simulation Techniques for Generation of Asymmetric Strategies

Development of highly innovative data fusion with data mining approach for asymmetric adversary tactics and strategy generation in synthetic training environment.
Faculty: Jennifer Golbeck
Sponsor: U.S. Navy

Strengthening the Public Library’s Role in e-Government

Creates a model to strengthen public libraries’ capacity to work effectively with government agencies.
Faculty: Trudi Bellardo Hahn, Ann Weeks, Diane Barlow, Paul Jaeger
Sponsor: Institute of Museum and Library Services

Preserving Virtual Worlds

Explores methods for preserving digital games and interactive fiction.
Faculty: Kari Kraus
Sponsor: Library of Congress

A Computational Approach to Understanding the Dynamics of the Judicial System

Uses automated content analysis techniques drawing from computational linguistics and information retrieval to study this social system.
Faculty: Jimmy Lin
Sponsor: U.S. Navy

Statistical Machine Translation with MapReduce

Applies cloud computing technology to address issues of scalability and context-awareness in statistical machine translation.
Faculty: Jimmy Lin
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Supporting Information Access Using Computational Linguistics

Develops techniques for automatically filling knowledge bases from unstructured sources.
Faculty: Douglas W. Oard, Jimmy Lin
Sponsor: Department of Defense


Global Autonomous Language Exploration (GALE)

Develops and applies technologies to absorb, analyze, and interpret huge volumes of speech and text in multiple languages.
Faculty: Jimmy Lin, Judith Klavans, Douglas W. Oard
Sponsor: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Information Processing Technology Office (IPTO)

PopIT: Scalable Computational Analysis of the Diffusion of Technological Concepts

Describes, explains, and predicts trends in information technology innovations with computational linguistics approaches.
Faculty: Ping Wang, Douglas Oard, Kenneth Fleischmann
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Promoting Computer and Health Literacy among Older Adults

Develops and provides an educational program to train older adult patrons of public libraries to use computers and the Internet to access health information.
Faculty: Bo Xie
Sponsor: National Library of Medicine

Scholarships, Fellowship Programs, Internships, and Program Development and Delivery

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Building the Future of Archival Education and Research

Supports and strengthens doctoral education and research in Archival Science by developing forums where doctoral students and faculty can research and explore emerging archival research methods and pedagogy.
Faculty: Bruce Ambacher
Sponsor: Institute of Museum and Library Services

Development of Undergraduate Courses for New Analyst Training

Develops enhanced curriculum of information studies for defense analysts.
Faculty: Diane Barlow
Sponsor: Department of Defense

Digital Humanities Model Internship Program

Creates a model internship program to enhance the education and training opportunities oriented toward the work of digital humanities centers.
Faculty: Kari Kraus
Sponsor: Institute of Museum and Library Services

Preparing Doctoral Students for the 21st Century

Provides education for Ph.D. students interested in the area of children’s information resources and services and digital libraries.
Faculty: Ann Weeks, Allison Druin
Sponsor: Institute of Museum and Library Services

Completed Projects

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Subject Specialists for Research Libraries (SSAL)

Investigates training for subject specialist librarians
Faculty: Diane Barlow
Sponsor: The Institute of Museum and Library Services


International Children's Digital Library Communities Project

Investigates how to support an online global community of children who don't speak the same languages but want to share the same digital resources.
Faculty: Allison Druin, Jenny Preece, Ann Weeks
Sponsor: National Science Foundation


Robust Technologies for Automated Ingest

Explores automated ingest and verification for distributed digital collections, developing and testing a preservation architecture that can "evolve gracefully" as technology changes and that is interoperable with different computer platforms.
Faculty: Allison Druin, Douglas W. Oard
Sponsor: National Science Foundation

classroom future

Workshop on Mobile Devices for Children

Explores the use of mobile devices for children’s educational applications.
Faculty: Allison Druin
Sponsor: National Science Foundation


Computational Linguistics for Metadata Building (CLiMB)

Uses automatic techniques to harvest subject descriptors for high quality metadata for digital images.
Faculty: Judith Klavans, Jimmy Lin, Dagobert Soergel
Sponsor: The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


Joint Institute for Knowledge Discovery (JIKD)

Helps users make sense of large digital eMail and speech data collections by formulating and applying innovative ideas and software solutions.
Faculty: Jimmy Lin, Douglas W. Oard
Sponsor: U.S. Government


Multi-Language Access to Large Spoken Archives (MALACH)

Develops technology for information retrieval for spontaneous, conversational speech working with oral history interviews with Holocaust survivors.
Faculty: Douglas W. Oard, Dagobert Soergel
Sponsor: National Science Foundation