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Registration Information

The Student Services Office will alert students of registration dates and post those dates on the web.  We recommend registering on or close to the first available date for registration for best schedule planning.

If you have questions about registering for classes, set up an appointment with your advisor from the Student Services Office.  If classes you are interested in registering for require instructor approval, get that approval and submit it to the iSchool advisors as soon as possible at

Students register for courses each semester using Testudo, UMD’s online information system. For more help with how to register, look at the College’s helpful How to Register Guide.

Registering for Information Studies Courses Outside the Major

MLIS students have priority to take LBSC courses and MIM students have priority to take INFM courses.  However, if an MLIS student is interested in taking an INFM course or a MIM student is interested in taking an LBSC course, they are welcome and encouraged to do so.

All INST courses are open with equal availability to all students.  Please speak with your advisor to ensure there is no additional approval needed before entering a course outside of your primary department code.


Many courses require completion of one or more of the required core courses, or permission of the instructor.  When registering for a course, be mindful that it might have a prerequisite and there might be further action you need to take.  Look to the Schedule of Classes on Testudo for more information about whether courses have prerequisites.

Reminders and More Information

The core courses must be completed within the first 18 credits.

No student may register for more than five courses (15 credit hours) during a single semester or two courses (6 credits) in a single summer session.

For information about courses, check the College website for course descriptions. Descriptions are updated as information is received. For more in-depth information on courses, please check the link on the College site for sample course syllabi.

If you are interested in taking an Independent Study course (LBSC 709 or INFM 719), please complete and submit the LBSC 709 or INFM 719 Form for Independent Study.

If you wish to register for Consortium courses or courses at other UM System schools, you will need to submit a petition, a description of the course, and if available, the syllabus of the desired course to the Student Services Office, for approval consideration by the Academic Committee.

The more specific requirements and procedures of the College supersede those of the University.

The University requires that a student be registered during the semester (s)he plans to graduate. If not taking classes on campus or through the Consortium, the student must register for one hour of audit credit.

Check the Schedule of Classes for deadlines and additional information.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the Student Services Office at (301) 405-2038 or via e-mail at