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Public Librarian

Practice Settings and Primary Responsibilities

Public Librarians are employed in public libraries throughout the country providing a wide variety of services including: Reference and Research Services; Information Technology Training; Technical Services, Collection Development; Community Outreach; Reader Advisory Services, Book Discussion Groups; Literacy Programs

Recommended Information Studies Electives

Students should consult with their advisors to select electives that best support their individual intellectual interests and career goals. The electives listed here are not meant to represent the complete listing of all relevant courses that a student may take within the iSchool, at other units on campus or as part of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Course Number Course Title

707 Field Study in Library Service
713 Planning and Evaluating Library Services
724 Public Library Seminar
735 Legal Issues in Managing Information
625 Information Policy
645 Literature and Services for Children
646 Literature and Services for Young Adults
647 Children’s Services in Public Libraries
706 Seminar in International and Comparative Librarianship and Information Science
709 Independent Study
723 Libraries and Information Services in the Social Process
736 Designing Information Services and Products
745 Storytelling
748 Advanced Seminar in Children’s Literature
750 Information Access in Electronic Environments
751, 752, Information Access in the Humanities, Arts,
753, 756, etc. Social Sciences, Science and Technology, etc.
783 Seminar in Technical Services

Professional Associations

American Library Association

Public Library Association


Maryland Library Association

Virginia Library Association

And other state and regional library associations

Scholarships/Interest Free Loans

General Scholarships:

ALA General Scholarships:

Marshall Cavendish Scholarship

David H. Clift Scholarship

Christopher Hoy/ERT Scholarship

Diversity Scholarships:

ALA Spectrum Scholarship

Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA) Century Scholarship

Scholarship in Public Library Reference Service:

Myra Wilson Scholarship (Information Studies)

Key Geographic Areas for Employment

Public Librarians are needed in all regions of the U.S.

Specialized Placement Services

Maryland Library Association Jobline

Virginia Library Association Jobline

American Libraries, the Magazine of the American Library Association, "Career Leads"