Ontologist/Taxonomist | Maryland's iSchool - College of Information Studies - Graduate Program - University Of Maryland

Masters Degree

College of Communication and Information

School of Information Systems and Management

Faculty of Information


Practice Settings

Business and research organizations (including libraries) with large-scale information resources and /or Web sites (e.g., corporate intranets, portals). Companies that provide taxonomy services and/or ready-to-use domain-specific taxonomies/ontologies.

Primary Responsibilities

Design information structure for large-scale Web sites, printed or online reference tools, digital and physical libraries and learning centers. Perform requirements analysis. Design knowledge representation structures. Create classifications/taxonomies/ontologies. Design controlled vocabularies and thesauri, especially search thesauri supporting “concept-based” searching in free text.

Recommended Information Studies Electives

Students should consult with their advisors to select electives that best support their individual intellectual interests and career goals. The electives listed here are not meant to represent the complete listing of all relevant courses that a student may take within the College, at other units on campus or as part of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Course Number Course Title

715 Knowledge Management
709 Independent Study
772 Seminar in the Organization of Knowledge
773 Classification Theory
774 Seminar in Linguistic Topics
775 Construction and Maintenance of Index Languages and Thesauri
793 Database Design

Professional Associations

Special Interest Group: Information Architecture (SIGIA), American Society of Information Science and Technology

Specialized Scholarships/Interest Free Loans