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Mission & Vision


Mission & Vision

The iSchool engages in collaborative, interdisciplinary, and innovative research; teaching and service. We educate information professionals and scholars; and we create knowledge, systems and processes to promote the management and use of information.


The College of Information Studies -- Maryland's iSchool -- transforms the way individuals, organizations, and communities connect with information.


Information underlies virtually every interaction. It is a vital social and political equalizer, and a unifying thread throughout all human actions. Given the importance of equal access to information by all members of society, the study of information must be framed in the most inclusive terms possible.

The College of Information Studies is strongly committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community of students, faculty and staff. Not only does the College continue to strive to build a diverse community through recruitment and retention, the College culture is inclusive of persons underrepresented as a result of race, ethnicity, gender, age, economic background and ability.

The College of Information Studies is equally committed to representing and studying diversity and underrepresented populations in its educational, professional and research activities. The College of Information Studies prepares its graduates of all degree programs to provide equal information access to all types of users.

Along with preparing graduates in issues of diversity and inclusion, the College of Information Studies works to ensure that faculty and staff members have the education and resources necessary to promote and encourage an inclusive environment within the College through training, presentations and speakers.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan