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Law Librarian

Practice Settings

Law Librarians are employed in a variety of setting, including : Law Schools; Bar Associations & County Law Libraries; State Law Libraries & Federal Agencies; Law Firms; Lobbyists; Corporate Legal Counsel; Publishing; Legal Services Vendors (Litigation Support & Document Management); Law Professional Associations; Federal Courts of Appeals and State Supreme Courts.

Primary Responsibilities

Reference & Research (Legal and other disciplines such as business, scientific and technical, medical, economics); Collection Development; Bibliographic Instruction; Compilation of Legislative Histories; Organization of Information (external/internal); Records Management; Conflicts of Interest Management; Competitive Intelligence & Marketing; Litigation Support & Information Visualization.

Recommended Information Studies Electives *

Students should consult with their advisors to select electives that best support their individual intellectual interests and career goals. The electives listed here are not meant to represent the complete listing of all relevant courses that a student may take within the iSchool, at other units on campus or as part of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area.


Course Number Course Title

LBSC 625 Information Policy
LBSC 735 Legal Issues in Managing Information
LBSC 680 Principles of Records and Information Management
LBSC 682 Management of Electronic Records and Information
LBSC 737 Seminar in Special Library and Information Center
LBSC 707 Field Study in Library Service
LBSC 750 Information Access in Electronic Environments
LBSC 766 Access to Business Information
LBSC 764 Access to Legal Information (for those with JD as well as those w/o)
LBSC 767 Access to Federal Government Information
LBSC 753 Information Access in the Social Sciences
LBSC 783 Seminar in Technical Services
LBSC 772 Seminar in Organization of Knowledge
LBSC 775 Construction & Maintenance of Index Language & Thesauri
LBSC 708G Collection Development
LBSC 793 Database Design
LBSC 790 Building the Human-Computer Interface
LBSC 705 Seminar in Information for Decision Making
LBSC 709 Independent Study


Course Number Course Title
INFM 714 Principles of Competitive Intelligence
INFM 732 Information Audits and Environmental Scans
INFM 706 Project Management

* Students without work experience should seriously consider taking 707 Field Study. Students with a specialized research interest are encouraged to enroll in LBSC709 Independent Study. Students who are considering doctoral studies should take a Research Methods or course equivalent in other UMCP departments.

Professional Associations

American Association of Law Libraries (AALL)

Law Librarians’ Society of Washington, DC (LLSDC)

Special Libraries Association (SLA) Legal Division

Association of Record Management Administrators (ARMA)

American Bar Association (ABA)

District of Columbia Bar Association**

** Associate memberships available for librarians without JD degree

Specialized Scholarships/Interest Free Loans




SLA-Legal Division

Key Geographic Areas for Employment

Washington, DC and all large US cities

Court Seats

State Capitals

London, Paris and Brussels

Specialized Placement Services


Trak Legal Services

Axelroth & Associates