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iSchool Website and Blogs

The iSchool website is the most comprehensive source of information about the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. Check the website often for iSchool news and upcoming events.

The iSchool also has several informative blogs that are excellent information resources for iSchool students. Be sure to follow them regularly for updates and information regarding registration, graduation, iSchool events, program specific news, job postings and more.

iSchool Blogs:

  • blogMLIS - The official blog of the Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) Program at Maryland’s iSchool. On it you will find official program information, iSchool news and events, resources for MLIS students, all job listings that get sent to the MLIS program, and more.
  • MIM Central – This blog is an information hub for the MIM community, providing news, resources, and opportunities for students, faculty, alumni, and potential students interested in Information Management at University of Maryland’s iSchool.
  • iSchool@SGblog - The official blog of Maryland’s iSchool at Shady Grove. On it you will find program information, iSchool at Shady Grove news and events, resources for MLS and MIM students, and more.
  • iSchool Research Blog - These are the research stories of our college: how our new ideas are evolving, what impact is being felt from these ideas, and what might our future world look like because of this work. This blog will ask you to consider a diverse landscape of ideas that could inspire and challenge your thinking about the future

College Listservs

There are two electronic lists that students must access on a daily basis, and

ISCHOOLDISCUSSION is the venue for current dialogue within the College, the micro community, and the macro community of library and information professionals. The electronic discussion group is open to anyone; however, College alumni, students, faculty, and staff are the most frequent contributors. Topics of discussion might include journal articles from the field, questions and requests for information, notes about special events and searches for housing information.

ISCHOOLANNOUNCEMENTS is the official listserv for distribution of information pertinent to current students (e.g. registration, graduation, open forums). The Student Services Office automatically subscribes current students to this listserv once they have submitted their UMD email addresses to the Office. To ignore emails sent via the listserv is to risk not participating in academic activities in a timely manner. For example, instructions regarding registration procedures and deadlines are posted on the listserv rather than in hard copy.


  • Send an electronic mail message to
  • Leave the subject line blank
  • Include in the body of the email “SUBSCRIBE ISCHOOLDISCUSSION”

To unsubscribe from ISCHOOLDISCUSSION:

  • Send an e-mail to
  • Leave the subject line blank, but use the message:
  • Include in the body of the email “UNSUBSCRIBE ISCHOOLDISCUSSION”

Students may contribute to the listserv by sending text in the form of an electronic mail message to the following address:

Social Media

Connect with the iSchool through the following social media outlets: