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  1. Debabrata Ghosh

    Company Name: Progressive Casualty Insurance

    Location: Cleveland, Ohio

    Tenure: 3 months

    Type of Work: Reverse Engineering of one of their important financial systems

    Technology: Mainframe (BATCH modules), Visio

    Debabrata's testimonial

    I can say that my overall experience in the company was really wonderful. I was in a team of 4 members, and 2 of them had experience of close to 25years each, however, I was made to feel comfortable, and they always helped me whenever I required. Since I was already familiar with mainframe and had worked for 3 years prior to this in the same domain, so I was quickly able to meet their requirements, and started independently. It's always good to have an exposure in the real world, and handling data from real life project is really exciting. The culture of the company is really very good. It is never that stressful and apart from our assignments for these three months, we were able to go to few conferences where they spoke about their visions and their plans, and we had lots of fun in the form of picnics, "a paid holiday" for going to Cedar Point, welcome and farewell lunch & dinner, watched Cleveland Indians playing baseball game from the company lounge etc. So it was fun filled summer with lots of important and much needed experiences gained. And guess what, after my completion, I also got a full time offer from the company. So, I can basically ask for nothing more.

    Recommendation: This is a really good company (Fortune 200), and has a very good culture, I will recommend all my fellow mates to apply there for internships.

  2. Jamie Peacock

    Company Name: National Agricultural Library

    Location: Beltsville, MD

    Tenure: 6 months

    Jamie's testimonial

    I did a 6 month cataloging at the National Agricultural Library. I worked on a project to convert some serial records from NAL's in-house classification system to Library of Congress Classification.

    I got a great deal out of my work there. The folks at NAL could not have been more committed to my learning experience. I got hands on training from expert level catalogers, and I learned an incredible amount that helped me in subsequent library classes. Especially LSBC 670 and LSBC 750.

    NAL has an abundance of internship possibilities, and I know they would be thrilled to have more student interns. In addition, students who want to specialize in E-government, or who want to become federal librarians, can gain valuable experience working at a national library.

    Another great thing about NAL is that it's close to campus. The on-campus bus will take you right there, so commuting is easy.

  3. Beth Emmerling

    Company Name: Jewish Museum of Maryland

    Location:Baltimore, MD

    Tenure: Semester

    Beth's testimonial

    I am currently doing a library internship in the Jewish Museum of Maryland. I really love it for many reasons - the most important of which was that it allows me to put what I have learned into practical use. Cataloging, collection development, and museum software use are some of the key areas in which I am gaining experience.

    I also meet people at my job and have a chance to find out what kind of work that they do and this increases my awareness of jobs that are available and the job skills necessary. As I enjoy the museum environment, this is terrific experience as well.

    I got this internship by answering one of the great emails that get sent out on the listserv when a job or internship becomes available. I wrote my cover letter, attached my resume and sent an email. I was called for an interview and it was quite exciting as I was hired on the spot. I will say that I did my research on the job and the museum before I even wrote my cover letter so that I could speak to the specifics. I think that this is crucial for anything that you apply for.

    I submitted my application for a medical librarian internship this summer. Yesterday, I was contacted for an interview. I have a few other applications that I have sent out as well. I feel very hopeful that I will get one. I want as much experience as possible, especially in this economy. Internships serve this function and are just all around a great way to earn. In many ways they are more helpful than what you learn in some classes - the application of knowledge can be a powerful agent.

    Recommendation: I recommend that students apply for as many internships as possible and realize that this is an important step on your career path.