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Institution code: 5814 Department code: MLIS/PhD - 80 MIM - 99

The application requirements and processes for the Master’s and PhD programs apply to all international applicants, with a few additional requirements, that are explained below.

Graduate Record Exam

GRE scores are required for all international applicants.

International Education Services (IES)

After all application materials have been received, international applications are sent to the University’s International Education Services office for evaluation. The International Education Services office reviews international academic credentials, financial certification, and English proficiency certification.

The College of Information Studies cannot make an admission decision on an international application unless it has been first evaluated by International Education Services. Thus it is important for international applicants to provide the IES office with any documentation that it requests.

For more information on the role of IES in admissions, please see:

Because of this extra stage in the application process, international applicants have earlier application deadlines than domestic applicants. International students are encouraged to submit their completed applications as early as possible.