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Research that seeks to understand the future of education, making an impact in research and practice; and understand the role of new technologies, participant assessment, partnerships in design.


June Ahn, Ben Bederson, David Cavallo, Allison Druin, Jean Dryden, Ken Fleischmann, Christine Greenhow, Mona Leigh Guha, Derek Hansen, Kari Kraus, Mary Lou Maher, Kent Norman, Jenny Preece, Mega Subramaniam, Ann Weeks, Bo Xie

Ongoing Research


  • Co-designing the future of education.
  • Developing life-relevant mobile learning technologies.
  • Designing Alternate Reality Games in the service of education and design.
  • Establishing a virtual peer network to encourage STEM identities.
  • Examining the impact of social network use on relationships and life happiness.
  • Understanding learners' civic engagement in social networking applications.



Christine Greenhow

Aim: To examine and design innovative adolescent and adult learning within social media-enabled environments.

Develop and assess a social networking app for adolescents' environmental issue debate, science learning and new literacy.

Examining civic engagement in social networking and implications for science, technology and citizenship education--sponsored by the Knight Foundation and the University of Maryland.

Derek Hansen

Aim: To understand and improve social technologies and practices that facilitate large-scale collaboration.

Designing a community built around mobile, social games to document the world's biodiversity--sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Designing Alternate Reality Games (ADRs) in service of education and design--sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Mega Subramaniam

Aim: To design the school library of the future that contributes to the learning of information literacy and STEM skills for diverse students.

Development of the Information and Diverse Populations Concentration--sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Development of a virtual peer network to encourage the creation of STEM identities--in partnership with Prince George's County Public Schools and District of Columbia Public Schools.