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Graduate Assistantships

Only degree-seeking students in the iSchool are eligible for assistantships available through the University. Graduate assistantships (GA) are available in the iSchool and across University departments. Students can find GA positions listed on the University employment site, the University Libraries employment page, through the ISCHOOLANNOUNCEMENTS and program-specific listservs. 

Resident Life Assistantships, with the same benefits and either live-in or non-live-in positions, are available in limited numbers. For information, contact:

Department of Resident Life
Room 0109 Cecil Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
(301) 314-7598

Assistantships currently provide a stipend for either a 9.5 or 12 month appointment period. They include tuition remission for up to 10 credits per semester in exchange for 20 hours of work per week. Partial assistantships are also available. The current stipend amount can be found in the Graduate Catalog.


A limited number of Graduate School Fellowships, awarded solely on the basis of academic merit, are available. Competition for them is very intense, and in recent years, mostly doctoral students have received the fellowships. Recipients must be nominated by their academic departments.

Fellowships are normally awarded in the fall term for the academic year. The fellowship includes a stipend and remission of tuition. Fellows are required to carry a full graduate program. Apply by February 1.

Fulbright Students

Effective Fall 2011, the Graduate School will provide one year (up to 20 credits) of tuition remission for Fulbright Students enrolling in a Ph.D. Program, and two years of tuition remission (up to 20 credits per year) for Fulbright Students enrolling in a Masters Program. No Fulbright Student may receive more than two years of tuition remission from the Graduate School. As always, tuition remission applies to fall and spring semesters only and does not cover winter or summer terms. (Masters students are eligible for two years of tuition remission because so few are provided graduate assistantships following their first year.)