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The Impact of Giving

Philanthropic support provides essential assistance to our students, faculty and the degree programs here the iSchool.

Each year the generosity of our alumni and friends support our student’s efforts to obtain their degree, enrich the educational experience, recruit and retain the best faculty and create an atmosphere of innovation. Now more than ever, private gifts are vital to our school's ability to remain a leader in the education of information professionals and information research.

Meet the students you have touched

2015 Scholarship Winners

Helen A. Tegnell Scholarship
Rosemary Hall (MLS-Archives and Digital Curation)
Taira Sullivan (MLS - Archives and Digital Curation)


Library Systems & Services (LSSI) Scholarship 
Selene Athas (MLS)

Cynthia Hagerty (MLS)


MIM Alumni Scholarship
Anuj Sharma (MIM- Information Management Research)
Ritesh Shenthar (MIM- Data Analytics)

Mary Lee Bundy Scholarship
Jennifer Bishop (MLS)

Stephani Moore (MLS)


Noyes Library Association
Diana Hastings (MLS)


Frank G. Burke Scholarship
Megan Craynon (MLS – HiLS)

Christina Fairchild (MLS – HiLS)


iSchool Alumni Chapter Scholarship
Courtney Tribble (MLS)


Barbara Van Dongen School Library Media Scholarship
Catherine Fravel (MLS)


Why Giving Matters

All giving is important and all gifts make an impact.  Here’s how

Assists People and Advances Programs

We rely significantly more on financial support from alumni and friends than you may realize. Nationally, there has been a steady erosion of state and federal funding for higher education over the last three decades. In Maryland, state support of the university has dropped to just 26% of the institution’s budget and the iSchool has lost almost 10% of its budget over the last three years.

Influences opinion-makers

The percentage of alumni who give to the school is a factor when prospective students evaluate colleges, when corporations and foundations award grants, and when other donors are making their philanthropic decisions.

Increases the value of your degree

Alumni giving is one of the criteria used in many national rankings of colleges and universities. A gift of any size to the iSchool carries more weight than just the dollars pledged-- it also sends a message.