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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to additional online MLS and MIM program questions are available on our FAQ page.

  • What are the differences between the traditional and the online MLS program?
    The traditional program is for students who want to take most or all of their courses face-to-face or who want to pursue a specialization (such as Archives, Records, and Information Management) that are not available in an online format.  For students who are pursuing a degree while working full-time or who live at a distance from the University of Maryland campus, a fully online program is a convenient alternative.
  • Who teaches the online programs?
    The same outstanding faculty members who teach the on-campus courses teach online courses.
  • Are the online programs accredited?
    Yes, the American Library Association (ALA) accredits both the traditional and online MLS programs.
  • How is an online program structured?  How “does it work?”
    Online courses are conducted both asynchronously and synchronously.  Students taking online classes will use various media including online video conferencing, email, discussion boards, and other Web-based technologies to "attend" class sessions, communicate with professors and peers, and complete assignments.
  • Can I enroll in both the traditional and online program?
    No, students apply and are admitted to only one program. Students must choose traditional OR online.
  • What MLS specializations are offered through the online program?
    Beginning in the Fall 2013, students may elect to complete the general MLS degree program or one of two specializations: School Library Media or Government Information Management Systems.   Mores specializations may be offered in the future.
  • Can I couple the online program with the campus offered specializations?
    No, the online programs cannot be combined with any other campus specializations offered through the iSchool.
  • Can I transfer into the on-campus program?
    Online students may switch to the in-person program either at the Shady Grove or College Park campus. You must meet with your advisor in order to discuss the transfer and to make sure that your status is changed in the system. Students who wish to transfer into the in-person program, must do so by the first day of classes of the semester they wish to make the switch.
  • Do traditional students take online classes?
    Traditional students can take classes that are offered online through the College Park campus or the Shady Grove campus.  They cannot take online classes that are scheduled specifically for the online student cohort.  These are reserved especially for the Online Programs.
  • Can I join the student chapters of professional organizations?
    Online Program students are encouraged to participate in any and all student chapters of professional organizations.
  • Can I attend special iSchool events at the College Park and Shady Grove campuses?
    As members of our iSchool and University of Maryland communities, Online Program students are welcome to attend any and all college and university events.
  • Can international students take online courses?
    Students from around the globe are welcome to apply to the Online Programs.
  • How do I find out what courses are offered online?
    Please refer to the Class Schedules found on the University Testudo site: Schedules for Online MLS Program are also posted on the Online MLS Program Blackboard site.
  • What are the tuition and fees for the online programs?
    The University specifically sets tuition and fees for the Online Programs.  Please contact Student Services for this information: