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A limited number of fellowships and assistantships are available for students enrolled in the College. The Student Services Office shares information with students via the iSchool website, the ISCHOOLDISCUSSION listserv, and the ISCHOOLANNOUNCEMENTS listserv.  Positions might also be posted on blogMLIS.  Students can also look for assistantships outside of the College of Information Studies through University of Maryland’s job database at

Financial Assistance for Library Education (ALA) lists assistantships, fellowships, and other financial grants available nationwide, including at the University of Maryland. In addition, a complete listing of available American Library Association (ALA) Scholarships is available online

Merit-Based Financial Aid

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are awarded to students on a competitive basis. Students are selected on the basis of their academic record, their commitment to the profession, and their experience. Assistantships are awarded to currently enrolled degree students for either a semester or an academic year based on the needs of the College.

Assistants work 20 hours a week and receive tuition remission for up to 10 hours of coursework per regular semester and receive a stipend. Occasionally, assistants can work during the summer sessions for a proportional stipend and tuition exemption. More information about Graduate Assistantships is available in the Graduate School Catalog.

Students should watch for notices of assistantships from other academic and administrative departments for which they may be qualified. These may include residence hall positions, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships. Application instructions are included in these notices. Students should also visit the University’s job website for additional postings for graduate assistantships.

Given the academic background required for most assistantships, new students may not be competitive in their first semester. Completion of the core courses and participation in College activities will enhance competitiveness in subsequent semesters. For additional information about assistantships, contact the Student Services Office.


The College shares information with students about various scholarships awarded by outside sponsors. Monitor the scholarship page on the website, the ISCHOOLANNOUNCEMENTS listserv, and the ISCHOOLDISCUSSION listserv for announcements of competition for these awards.

Need-based Financial Aid


The Office of Student Financial Aid (301-314-9000) offers information about Guaranteed Student Loans, National Direct Student Loans, and other forms of financial aid. Located in Room 0102, Lee Building, this Office can provide necessary information and materials.

Work-Study Program

The University operates a College Work-Study Program, which offers part-time opportunities for students with a determined financial need. An effort is made to match work assignments with a student's interests and career goals. The Office of Student Financial Aid can provide students with the necessary applications and forms for this program.


The ISCHOOLDISCUSSION listserv and ISCHOOLANNOUNCEMENTS listserv often contain postings of part-time positions that are appropriate for graduate students. In selecting part-time work, students should keep in mind the type of position that may complement their studies and serve as a pertinent entry on their resume.

If one wishes to apply for work at McKeldin Library or other libraries in the University system (including the Hornbake Library), apply to the personnel office in McKeldin Library. Other part-time work listings may be found through the University Career Center, Room 3100, Hornbake Building, although these may not be in line with the career goals of students at the College of Information Studies.

Academic Common Market

As of fall 2013, the University of Maryland is discontinuing participation in the Academic Common Market (ACM). The last ACM certifications will be those specifying spring 2013 as the first term of enrollment in the certified major. For complete details, please visit the University notice here.