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Financial Aid

The College of Information Studies awards fellowships and assistantships to well qualified applicants and students in its graduate programs. Budgetary constraints limit the number of awards, so while you are encouraged to apply for these programs, you should also explore other sources of aid. The Graduate School, 2133E Lee Building, offers aid information. When seeking financial aid, apply early.

Announcement of awards of financial assistance will be made at the earliest possible date. We regret that, due to the large number of applicants for financial aid, we are able to notify recipients only.

Merit-Based Awards

Merit-based awards are funded by the University, the College and associated professional organizations. The University awards fellowships through a campus-wide competition. The College coordinates the award of scholarships and graduate assistantships. The competition for those awards is announced on the iSchool website and the iSCHOOLANNOUNCEMENTS listserv. Master's students are not typically eligible for these awards. 

Need-Based Awards

The University's Office of Student Financial Aid administers need-based aid through loans and the Federal Work Study Program (FWS).

Federal Work Study (FWS) provides students the opportunity to earn money to meet their educational and personal expenses during the semester. Money earned from a FWS job does not have to be paid back. FWS is awarded to students with financial need, as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), who meet the University’s priority deadline of February 15 for filing the FAFSA. The award amount may be adjusted based on your enrollment level.

Hourly pay rates depend upon the level of complexity of the work, but will be at least the federal minimum wage. The number of hours students may work is limited to 20 per week while school is in session, and 40 per week during vacations and summer. For additional information, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid, (301) 314-9000.


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