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Diversity at the iSchool

The iSchool at the University of Maryland prioritizes issues of diversity and inclusion in the iSchool community. Information and technology raise issues of diversity and inclusion among many communities; as such, the iSchool embraces a broad definition of diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, age, socio-economic status, education, geography, language, literacy, sexual orientation, and national origin, among other factors.

Further information about diversity initiatives at the iSchool can be found below:


The iSchool also offers the innovative Information and Diverse Populations Specialization, which is a unique program of study that prepares Master’s students to be culturally competent information professionals ready to practice inclusively upon graduation. All students are able to take a range of classes on topics of diversity and inclusion related to information and technology, such as:

  • LBSC 620 Diverse Populations, Inclusion, and Information; 
  • LBSC 622 Information and Universal Usability;
  • INST 613 Information and Human Rights; and 
  • INST 614 Inclusion, Literacy, and the Public Good.

Along with such focused on diversity and inclusion topics, many other courses address issues of diversity and inclusion as part of their content.


The iSchool faculty includes several leading scholars of diversity and information, and many faculty members include diversity and inclusion issues in their research. These research projects range from investigating the roles of libraries in promoting digital literacy to creating instructional materials that encourage the participation of underrepresented groups in science education, and from building online resources for local cultural institutions, nonprofits, and governments to meet community needs in creative ways to designing and developing technologies to make the web more accessible for persons with disabilities. Research in the iSchool related to diversity and inclusion has been funded by the Institute of Museum & Library Services, the National Science Foundation, the American Library Association, the Smithsonian Institute, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, among many other organizations.


In November 2012, the iSchool hosted the first Symposium on Diversity and Library and Information Science Education. Bringing together educators, scholars, professionals, government agencies, and non-profits, this event is intended to increase the dialogue in the Library and Information Science field about creating innovative educational approaches to both increase the diversity of the information professions and enhance the inclusiveness of information practice.  The second Symposium on Diversity and Library and Information science Education was held on April 11, 2014 and the third will take place October 13 & 14, 2015.  For more details, visit ipac.umd.edu

Diversity Offices

In addition to teaching and research, the iSchool has several positions and organizations specifically devoted to promoting and celebrating diversity and inclusion in the iSchool and connecting the iSchool to wider university, local, state, national, and international communities.

the iSchool has several positions and organizations specifically devoted to promoting and celebrating diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion efforts in the iSchool are led by the Diversity Officer, who coordinates efforts related to diversity and inclusion in the iSchool and serves as the primary representative of the iSchool on campus-wide and broader community initiatives. The Diversity Officer is primarily responsible for monitoring and evaluating diversity efforts in the iSchool, well as serving as Assistant Director of the MLIS Program for Information & Diverse Populations Specialization.

The College's equity administrator ensures that considerations of diversity and inclusion are central to hiring and personel decisions at the iSchool.  The equity administrator also works to promote diversity and inclusion in the college as a workplace.  Margarita Rodriguez serves as the iSchool's equity administrator.  

The Diversity Committee focuses on outreach, partnership, and community activities related to diversity and inclusion for the iSchool, including overseeing the administration of the James A. Partridge Award in conjunction with the Citizens for Maryland Libraries. The current members of the Diversity Committee are:

  • Sheri Massey, Chair
  • June Ahn
  • Tamara Clegg
  • Ricky Punzalan
  • Brian Real
  • Paul Jaeger, Diversity Officer

The iSchool also is home to iDiversity, an organization for iSchool students, faculty, staff, and alumni interested in inclusion information practice and diversification of the information professions. iDiversity hosts a range of talks and events on these topics. You can follow iDiversity on Twitter at @iDiversityUMD, and #iDiversity or go to their website at idiversity.umd.edu. If you want to contact iDiversity, their email is iDiversity.UMD@gmail.com.


In the spring semester of 2013, a Diversity Climate Assessment Survey about the College of Information Studies was made available for a period of six weeks.  As part of the College’s ongoing efforts to ensure that diversity and inclusiveness are woven into all aspects of the College environment, the goal of the survey was to better understand how members of the College community perceive the current state of diversity and inclusion.  You can read the entire write-up of the survey results here

The survey provided the opportunity to get not only a sense of perceptions of diversity and inclusion within the College, but also a detailed picture of the diversity within the members of the College community. 

In October and November 2013, the College disseminated a Diversity Questionnaire for specific populations in the College community as the first of a series of studies building on the Diversity Climate Assessment Survey.  The questionnaire was designed to help us better understand issues of diversity and inclusion at the iSchool for specific populations who indicated unique challenges and successes in the Climate Assessment Survey.  You can read the entire write-up of the Diversity Questionnaire Report here.


For any questions or suggestions about diversity and inclusion efforts at the College, please contact Dr. Paul T. Jaeger, the iSchool’s Diversity Officer, at 301-405-1741 or pjaeger@umd.edu.