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Dean's Welcome

Dr. Jenny Preece

Welcome to the College of Information Studies, Maryland's iSchool, a groundbreaking academic community providing essential information at a time of incredible transformation.

Information is empowering, and the iSchool creates new ways for the public to connect with information that will transform society. The iSchool is ideally located near Washington, D.C., the information capital of the world. This cosmopolitan center of cultural, political and intellectual activity provides ample opportunity to connect with national information leaders and mine significant data sources. Work and research take our students and faculty to agencies including NASA, the Smithsonian Institution, National Archives and Records Administration, Library of Congress, National Library of Medicine and the National Agricultural Library.

In a diverse and rapidly changing field, we are recognized as among the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. We prepare students for careers in traditional positions and in emerging information specialties. Our research shapes the way people find, assess and provide data, whether they are looking for a book, archiving thousands of digital images, offering online services or tackling a mega-computing project.

Making connections is what we did as a small college with a strong foundation in library science and information studies, and making connections continues to be our focus now that we are a fast-growing center of information and technical expertise.

We help people of all ages, backgrounds and educational interests manage the information explosion and employ the latest information technology - as well as traditional research methods to support work in a variety of disciplines. We are forging strong relationships with researchers in computer science, education, public policy, sociology and other academic fields, while also pursuing partnerships with government and industry. The wide appeal of our work and its impact on the public ensures our programs will maintain a leadership role in this rich and evolving field of information. With significant momentum and achievements in growth and innovation, the iSchool is poised to lead the information revolution through its next iteration. We hope you will stay connected with us.

Jennifer J. Preece, Dean
University of Maryland, College Park
College of Information Studies



Mission & Vision

The iSchool engages in collaborative, interdisciplinary, and innovative research; teaching and service. We educate information professionals and scholars; and we create knowledge, systems and processes to promote the management and use of information.


The College of Information Studies -- Maryland's iSchool -- transforms the way individuals, organizations, and communities connect with information.


Information underlies virtually every interaction. It is a vital social and political equalizer, and a unifying thread throughout all human actions. Given the importance of equal access to information by all members of society, the study of information must be framed in the most inclusive terms possible.

The College of Information Studies is strongly committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community of students, faculty and staff. Not only does the College continue to strive to build a diverse community through recruitment and retention, the College culture is inclusive of persons underrepresented as a result of race, ethnicity, gender, age, economic background and ability.

The College of Information Studies is equally committed to representing and studying diversity and underrepresented populations in its educational, professional and research activities. The College of Information Studies prepares its graduates of all degree programs to provide equal information access to all types of users.

Along with preparing graduates in issues of diversity and inclusion, the College of Information Studies works to ensure that faculty and staff members have the education and resources necessary to promote and encourage an inclusive environment within the College through training, presentations and speakers.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Facts & history

  • The College of Information Studies, Maryland’s primary center for graduate education, research and service in the field of information studies, was founded in the fall of 1965.
  • The iSchool is part of the University of Maryland, College Park, the flagship campus of the University System of Maryland, classified by the Carnegie Foundation as a Doctoral/research universities-extensive and the original 1862 land grant institution in Maryland.
  • College Park is 10 miles, a short Metrorail ride, from Washington, D.C., and only 25 miles from Baltimore. The area is a cosmopolitan center of cultural and intellectual activity and political power that is the hub of the information industry and home to hundreds of libraries, archives and other information organizations.
  • Total College Park enrollment is about 37,000 with a graduate student enrollment of more than 10,000.
  • iSchool enrollment averages 515 students.
  • The College is ranked 10th in the nation among Library Science programs by U.S. News & World Report.
  • The College offers graduate study leading to the Master of Library Science, the Master of Information Management, Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees.
  • The College also offers a dual-degree master’s program in History/Library Science (HiLS) granting the MLS and MA in History degrees.
  • The School Library Media specialization certifies graduates for work in school libraries.
  • A network of seven university libraries and the nearby National Archives II provide on-campus opportunities for professional development and research.
  • Faculty to student ratio is approximately 1:12.
  • Since 1965, over 5,000 students have earned the MLS from College of Information Studies, and 43 have earned doctorates.