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Visit and Contact Us

Contact Us

Deans and Administration Office
College of Information Studies
Room 4105, Hornbake Building South
4130 Campus Drive
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-4345
Tel: 301-405-2033
Fax: 301-314-9145

Student Services Office
College of Information Studies
Room 4120, Hornbake Building South
4130 Campus Drive
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-4345
Tel: 301-405-2038
Fax: 301-314-9145

Program Director, Master of Human-Computer Interaction
Dr. Niklas Elmqvist
Room 2117H, Hornbake Building, South
Tel: 301-405-7414

Program Director, Master of Information Management** Dr. Kathy Weaver Room 4120D, Hornbake Building South
Tel: 301-405-0335
**Please direct any MIM related questions and job postings to Tetyana Bezbabna, the Program Coordinator.

Program Coordinator, Master of Information Management
Tetyana Bezbabna
4120 E Hornbake Bldg, South Wing
Tel: 301-405-5897

Program Director, Master of Library and Information Science**

Dr. Paul Jaeger
Room 4121D, Hornbake Building South
Tel: 301-405-1741
**Please direct MLIS related questions, job postings, or requests to visit the campus to

Program Coordinator Master of Library and Information Science
Erin Zerhusen
Room 4121F, Hornbake Building South
Tel: 301-405-1024

The best way to get to know the iSchool is to visit us. Sit in on a class, talk with the faculty and staff, join us for one of our speaker's series, meet the students and visit the campus!

The College of Information Studies is located in the Hornbake Building South (classroom wing). This is the wing closest to Campus Drive and contains, in addition to the College, the Career Center and the Letters and Sciences department. The north wing contains the University's Non-Print Collection and the Maryland Room. If you accidentally find yourself in the north wing, you will need to backtrack out to the courtyard to get to the south wing. The wings are not connected on the inside.

The Dean's Office and the administrative staff are located on the fourth floor, suite 4105. The Student Services Office is also located on the fourth floor in suite 4110. The College research center, research labs, student lab and study space are located on the second floor. iSchool faculty offices are located on both the second and fourth floors, as are offices of the technology staff. Classrooms are generally located on the ground, second and fourth floors of Hornbake.

Social Media


The iSchool at UMD has a listserv through which job postings, school announcements, events and other iSchool-related discussion takes place.  To sign up to receive listserv emails, send an e-mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UMD.EDU and include as the first line in the message “SUBSCRIBE ISCHOOLDISCUSSION ‘your first name’” and leave the subject line blank.

All current students will be automatically subscribed to, as well as their program specific listserv.  These are:


If you are a current student and are not receiving program-specific emails, please contact your Program Coordinator and request to be added.


The iSchool has a multiple blogs you can follow to keep up with program-specific information.  These blogs are updated regularly, and can help give you a sense of student life at University of Maryland’s iSchool. 

MIM blog:
MLIS blog: 
MLIS at Shady Grove blog:
iSchool Research blog:


The iSchool has an official Facebook page, which you can access here:


The iSchool has an official Twitter account, which you can access @iSchoolUMD