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Co-Global Participation Research Community


Research that seeks to understand developing nations in one's own backyard and throughout the world, consider digital social capital and design participation of the underserved.


Diane Barlow, John Bertot, David Cavallo, Allison Druin, Ken Fleischmann, Christine Greenhow, Derek Hansen, Paul Jaeger, Scott Paquette, Jenny Preece, Kanti Srikantaiah, Mega Subramaniam, Ann Weeks, Bo Xie

Ongoing Research


  • Co-designing: The International Children's Digital Library.
  • Community-built mobile, social games to document the world's biodiversity.
  • Senior-friendly design of multimedia health information
  • How do law and policy shape information behavior for the disadvantaged, underserved and underrepresented.
  • The role of ICT in the economic and social development of developing countries.
  • Examining the role of human values in the design and use of computational models.


Paul Jaeger

Aim: To analyze ways in which law and policy shape information behavior, particularly for disadvantaged, underserved and underrepresented populations.

Understanding how public libraries and government agencies can use the Internet to better serve community needs--sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Preparing students to be culturally competent information professionals to work with a range of diverse populations--sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Ann Weeks

Aim: To create digital materials and educational practices that help educate the world's children.

The International Children's Digital Library--sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the Institute for Museum and Library Services and Mongolian Ministry of Education/World Bank.

Understanding how digital materials can be used in disadvantaged educational settings.

Bo Xie

Aim: To understand and promote lifelong learning of technology.

Designing senior-friendly multimedia health tutorials--sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.

Electronic Health Information for Life-Long Learners (eHILLL) project.