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Campus Facilities and Services

Information about many campus resources is found below. Additional information may be found on the University’s home page.


While McKeldin Library is a major site for resources, there are several other libraries to be used: Architecture, Art, Chemistry, Performing Arts, Nonprint Media, and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Library. There is also Hornbake Library, located in the same building (but a different entrance) that the iSchool is housed in.  You may learn more about these different libraries and their collections online.


The Office of Graduate Student Life website provides a wealth of information about graduate life at UMD. The Graduate Student Life Handbook is a particularly valuable resource that outlines the various programs and services available to graduate students.   

The University of Maryland’s independent student newspaper is The Diamondback which is distributed widely on campus and also available online. Many important University announcements are also found on the University’s website.

Stamp Student Union

The Adele H. Stamp Student Union is the campus center for student life. Offering everything from the University Book Center to many forms of food service, the Stamp Student Union is a popular gathering place. The Information Desk just inside the main door on Campus Drive provides comprehensive information regarding shuttle bus service, the Hoff movie theater schedule, the Art and Learning Center classes, the location of anything students need on campus, and the Metrobus/Metrorail schedules. Aside from the food courts, the most commonly used unit in the Union is the University Book Center. In addition to selling and buying textbooks, it also stocks a variety of office supplies and University of Maryland apparel.


Off-Campus Housing Services

The Off-Campus Housing Services Office is located at 1110 Stamp Student Union. You may call (301) 314-3645 or email Office hours for Off-Campus Housing Services are Monday through Friday: 10:00am to 5:00pm. This office works in cooperation with local landlords, homeowners, and students to provide extensive, up-to-date computer listings of vacancies. This office can also provide maps of local areas and brochures on tenant information.

Graduate Apartments

The University owns two small apartment complexes that are managed by an external management company. These apartments are reserved for graduate students. Because of their convenient location, competition is strong for these units. For an application and additional information, contact Southern Management Graduate Hills and Graduate Gardens Apartment Homes, 3426 Tulane Drive, Suite #3, Hyattsville, MD 20783 (888-633-6173).


Information about transportation services at the University of Maryland can be found on the Department of Transportation Services website.  For updates and announcements regarding bus schedules, service calendar updates, and campus parking, follow Transportation Services on Facebook and Twitter.


Information regarding student parking can be found on the Department of Transportation Services website.  Students may register for parking online or by visiting Transportation Services at Bldg #202 Regents Drive Garage (Open 8:15am - 4:00pm, weekdays; 301-314-PARK;

Carefully read documentation about parking regulations as it will explain, among other items, when unrestricted parking is allowed on campus for those with a permit.  Note that some parking lots on campus are restricted at all times, so please check the parking regulations and signs posted at the entrance to each lot. The University parking regulations are very specific concerning conditions under which parking is restricted or banned in the parking lots and on the campus street. Illegal parking, expired meters, and other infractions of the parking code are strictly enforced. Payment of all fees, including parking tickets, must be made before graduation.

After 4:00pm, registered students with student lot parking decals may park in faculty lots with the exception of lots that are restricted to faculty and staff at ALL TIMES.

Parking meters must always be paid.

Shuttle UM

Shuttle UM is the University’s shuttle bus service, and it is free to registered students. Complete on- and off-campus maps and schedules for both day and evening are available online and at the Stamp Student Union information desk. Students are required to show their identification cards when boarding the shuttle buses.

Personal Well-being

Health Center

The University Health Center (301-314-8180) is a nationally accredited facility that offers many health services to the UMD community. Clinical services such as primary care, urgent care, and men’s and women’s reproductive health care are available as well as allergy, immunization, and travel clinic services. Mental health services are also provided. You must make an appointment to be seen at the Health Center, and your University ID number is required when making an appointment.

The Health Center additionally provides extensive health education programs. Important topics covered include cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, health assessment fairs, nutrition, alcohol education, and breast self-examination programs. Alternative medicine services such as massage therapy and acupuncture are available at an 

Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center offers individual and group counseling for many areas of concern including individual counseling/psychotherapy, academic services, career counseling, and disability services.  The center is located in the Shoemaker Building and can be contacted by phone (301-314-7651).

The Counseling Center's Learning Assistance Service has counselors who specialize in helping international students adjust to the demands of studies in a new language and new country. They are eager to assist students in achieving academic success. Call 301-314-7693 to schedule an appointment with one of the international student counselors.

Fitness and Recreation

Campus Recreation Services (CRS) provides numerous activities and facilities to enhance the physical well-being of the UMD community including swimming, intramural sports, tennis, racquetball, golf, and much more. Any registered student is eligible to use recreational facilities. Details about all sports, fitness, and recreational opportunities are available on the CRS website.

Disability Support Services (DSS)

The Disability Support Services office is located in Room 0126 of the Shoemaker Building (301-314-7682, TDD 301-314-7683). This office assists with arranging for interpreters for hearing-impaired students, providing readers for visually impaired students, and providing writers for students with physical impairments. They provide wheelchair-bound students with a listing of all the access points on the College Park campus including locations of parking spaces, ramps, restrooms, etc. This office also provides the verification of disability, which must be provided to instructors at the beginning of each semester.

Both the east and west entrances of Hornbake Building (South Wing) are handicap accessible and all buildings on the Shady Grove campus are also handicap accessible.  Elevators and ramps are available in Hornbake Building (South Wing) and each building of the Shady Grove campus.

International Student Services

The University of Maryland provides international students with extensive support services upon entering an academic program at College Park. The Office of International Education Services (IES) assists international students as they transition to the American college experience. Their office is located in 2111 Holzapfel Hall. Please refer to their website for more details.

Emergency Preparedness and Alert System

Safety is always a top priority at the University of Maryland. Frequently visit the Emergency Preparedness at UMD website for important alerts related to safety and security such as University closings, weather emergencies, and traffic events. Also consider signing up for UMD Alerts, a communications system that sends text messages to your cell phone and/or email in the event of an emergency.