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Appendix 4: College Assembly


The College Assembly shall represent the faculty, academic administrators, staff, and students of the College and shall serve as its policy-making body. Students enrolled in degree programs shall be represented by one student elected from each degree program who shall have voting privileges.  In addition, one at-large student representative shall be elected by a vote of all students and shall have voting privileges in the Assembly.  All elected members of the College Assembly serve for a one-year term and may be re-elected.

Duties and Responsibilities

The College Assembly shall formulate, approve, and review educational and other policies specific to the College. It shall discuss and/or initiate action deemed necessary or advisable by the Dean, the College Council, or any member of the College Assembly. It shall regularly review the strategic plan of the College and recommend and approve changes. It shall conduct elections of representatives to the College Park Senate and other University bodies in accordance with University regulations. It shall perform any other functions as prescribed by the Plan of Organization.