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Appendix 1: Graduate School Policies

All graduate registration policies are found in the Graduate Catalog. The information provided below is directly from the 2012-2013 Graduate Catalog.

The Continuous Registration Policy

All graduate students must register for courses and pay associated tuition and fees each semester, not including summer and winter sessions, until the degree is awarded.

A student who fails to register and who has not requested and received a waiver of registration or "Leave of Absence for Childbearing, Adoption, Illness or Dependent Care" will be notified by the Graduate School after the first day of classes that he or she must register for the current semester. The Graduate School will also inform the Graduate Director of the graduate program that the student is in jeopardy of termination. If the student does not register, he or she will be dismissed from the Graduate School at the end of the semester for failure to comply with the continuous registration requirement.

A student who is dismissed for non-registration may appeal dismissal during a 30-day period following the end of the semester of non-registration. If the student does not appeal, or if the appeal is denied, and the student wishes to continue in the Graduate School, the student must apply for readmission. In this case, readmission does not alter the initial requirements for time to complete the degree or advance to candidacy.

Waiver of Registration for Certificate, Master's, and Pre-Candidacy Doctoral Students

Certificate, Master's, and pre-candidacy Doctoral students who will be away from the University for a semester or a year may request a waiver of continuous registration and its associated tuition for the semester or year. Waivers of registration will be granted only if the student is making satisfactory progress toward the degree and can complete the degree requirements within the required time limits. Interruption of registration cannot be used to justify a time extension.

Permission for non-registration is obtained from the Graduate Director of the student's program and the waiver must be filed with the Graduate School. Students who are not registered may not use any University facilities, including the library, and should expect to consult with members of the Graduate Faculty seldom or not at all.

A request for a waiver of registration should be filed 30 days before the beginning of the semester or year for which the waiver is sought. Tuition waiver requests will be granted only when the student affirms in writing that he or she will not be using any University resources, including the time of faculty members, during the waiver period.

Leave of Absence for Childbearing, Adoption, Illness or Dependent Care

In recognition of the effects that childbirth, adoption, illness, and caring for incapacitated dependents (such as children, ill or injured partners, or aging parents) may have on the time and energy that graduate students have to devote to their educational programs, the University allows students in such circumstances to apply for a leave of absence of up to two semesters during which time they do not intend to make academic progress toward the completion of their degree. The time taken on an approved leave of absence is not included in the time limitations for degree completion and advancement to candidacy.

For the Graduate Student Parental Accommodation Policy, which enables students to maintain full-time enrollment status rather than take a leave of absence, see the Parental Accommodation Policy


Length of Leaves

Application for a leave of absence may be made on a one- or two-semester basis. A leave of absence ordinarily will not be granted for more than one academic year. Leaves requested for a longer period are approved only in exceptional circumstances. An approved leave for one semester will be extended to two semesters as needed, if so requested by the applicant prior to the expiration of the approved one- semester leave of absence.

Application Procedures

A leave of absence for childbearing, adoption, illness, or dependent care normally must be requested and approved prior to the beginning of the academic term for which it is being requested. A letter of request should be addressed to the Dean of the Graduate School and should provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances leading to the request and a justification of the time requested (one semester or one year). The request must be approved by the student's faculty advisor and Graduate Director prior to submission to the Graduate Dean. The faculty advisor, Graduate Director, and/or Graduate Dean may request a doctor's statement. Approved leaves will stop the student's "time-to-degree clock."